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Here you will find lots of neopets, transformers, fanart, and OCs of mine.

so it’s been 1yr+ since i’e drawn mecha but i used to have like 2 tf ocs so this is one. looook she is my icon too. i used to draw her all the time, so here is a sketchy mcsketch.

u know what’s fun to draw?? cranky snappers

bust commission for Luunai~

sketch commission for niharike o3o;

ah yes progress being made (sorry 4 the wips i really like this dragon he’s so cool everyone should see him)

can’t decide if i want to color this super sexy wildclaw or start my astronomy homework, zzzzz…..

finally finished this personal art of my baby boy, Disco. c: 
(If you’re interested in a commission like this I’m willing to take one. I will do it for 2500 gems. If you can offer a wildclaw scroll I will also offer 2 busts. Send me an ask if interested.)

reposting on my art blog hur hur. 

i made it for the lavender/ivory girl. 
i’m very mediocre at accents and i can’t decide what to change about it. ;( 

slips a quiet wip into the tag in the dead of the night

i realize it’s after midnight but i haven’t gone to sleep yet so it’s still June 7th to me. SO

I hope you had a great day and I wish I could have been there with you! You have become such a great friend to me and I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to get closer. I’m so happy that we decided to do all our fr stuff together and it’s been a great way for us to grow closer as friends. I chose to draw these two because I remember how excited you were to get Icarus and you scrolled him yourself and then gave me the responsibility of finding him a mate, and you were really upset when I named her FLAMEWAR. So here they are, making stupid nyah-nyah faces to remind you of the fact that while they are in my lair, her name remains Flamewar. So HA. ILY BBY.