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Here you will find lots of neopets, transformers, fanart, and OCs of mine.

final wip, shading & lots of editing left 2 do

forced my tablet to connect long enough to poop this out last night o3o; ink wip of a sassy imp boy for villain

i fell deeply back into fandom hell

i have regressed to my 13 year old self and i have 0 regrets

i have regressed to my 13 year old self and i have 0 regrets

wippity wip of a super cool bad guy 

i wish my tablet weren’t being a d-bag so i could work faster at this but bam bam these guys are gonna be so fun to color i wish i could just snap my fingers and lineart be done because inking sucks butt /vibrates

what is this lil diddy

i am drawing my nerdy skychickens awww yeah this will be a project they are both wearing sooo much apparel kill me

finally done with my bby girl, Nymph. 8D 

If you’re interested in a piece like this, I have one slot open for commissions. thread is HERE

uploading super late and with very messy transparency but i am color checking and want to see it at fullsize sooo

so it’s been 1yr+ since i’e drawn mecha but i used to have like 2 tf ocs so this is one. looook she is my icon too. i used to draw her all the time, so here is a sketchy mcsketch.